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MONTANA DECOY Fanatic All items Ranking TOP5 free shipping Reaping Decoy

MONTANA DECOY Fanatic Reaping Decoy


MONTANA DECOY Fanatic Reaping Decoy

Product description

The Fanatic Tom decoy is as light and realistic as it gets when it comes to a full-strut gobbler decoy. The life-like size and photographic realism creates an appearance that's sure to rile up any gobbler that sees it. With the attached stake, push it into the ground within seconds for a quick setup or use it to stalk a hung-up bird while peering through the mesh window. It's light-weight reaping handle makes it easy to hold in one prey hand while securing your gun in the other. For the run-and-gun Turkey Hunter, your chances just got a little better.

MONTANA DECOY Fanatic Reaping Decoy

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