USB,Condenser,Microphone,Studio,Podcas,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,iFCOW,Streaming,Recording,,/turistlerin-dalgaya-ragmen-deniz-keyfi-570.html,$32 iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Factory outlet Streaming USB Studio Podcas iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Factory outlet Streaming USB Studio Podcas $32 iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Studio USB Streaming Podcas Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment USB,Condenser,Microphone,Studio,Podcas,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment,iFCOW,Streaming,Recording,,/turistlerin-dalgaya-ragmen-deniz-keyfi-570.html,$32 $32 iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Studio USB Streaming Podcas Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment

iFCOW Condenser Microphone Super Special SALE held Recording Factory outlet Streaming USB Studio Podcas

iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Studio USB Streaming Podcas


iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Studio USB Streaming Podcas

Product description

Material:Aluminum Alloy
Input Voltage:5~9V
Response Frequency:20~20KHz
Sensitivity:-34 dB±2 dB(1 dB 0 dB = 1V / Pa)
Output Resistance: 150Ohm+-30%(1KHz)
Load Impedance:gt;=1000Ohm
Equivalent noise level: 16 dB-A
Maximum SPL:132 dB(1kHz≤1%T.H.D)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 78 dB

Package List:
1*Metal Table Holder
1*Metal Microphone Frame
1*Connection Wire For Microphone With 3.5mm Interface
1*Sponge Microphone Cover
1*Large Blowout Preventer
1*USB Connector
1*Users Manual

iFCOW Condenser Microphone Recording Studio USB Streaming Podcas

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