Stripper,Pole,$154,Fitnes,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Dance,,AW,Exercise,/kapisina-birakilan-yemekleri-almayinca-polisi-alarma-gecirdi-302.html,Portable,Spinning,Dancing AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Fitnes Exercise Portable Dance 2021 model Stripper,Pole,$154,Fitnes,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Dance,,AW,Exercise,/kapisina-birakilan-yemekleri-almayinca-polisi-alarma-gecirdi-302.html,Portable,Spinning,Dancing $154 AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Dance Exercise Fitnes Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $154 AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Dance Exercise Fitnes Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Fitnes Exercise Portable Dance 2021 model

AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Fitnes New mail order Exercise Portable Dance 2021 model

AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Dance Exercise Fitnes


AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Dance Exercise Fitnes

Product description

This 9.84ft 45mm Dancing Pole Kit is suitable for both beginners and professional dancers to do exercise, stage performance, teaching, ideal for using at home, stage, club, dance studio


- Easy to put up and take down, no-drilling and does no harm to your ceiling; the height can be adjusted with 3 extension poles to accommodate different ceiling height from 7.35 to 9.84 ft
- Sturdy steel with chrome plated for durability and rust-resistance; loads up to 1102 Lbs vertically and 617 Lbs horizontally, bears more weights than others in the market
- High precision and seamless joints offers comfortable hand feeling and superior safety, which will not scratch your hands and give you excellent dancing experience; bottom amp; top plate is protected by aprons to improve stability and protect the floor and ceiling
- Adjust the screw nuts on the bottom base to achieve the spinning or the static status, suitable for beginners to finish entry-level actions, or to achieve more professional and difficult poses


- Overall Dimension (Extension Pole Included amp; Excluded) (Dia.xH): 9 1/16" x 118 1/8"; 9 1/16" x 94 11/16"
- Suitable Ceiling Height: 88 3/16" to 118 1/8"
- Top and Bottom Base Plate Diameter amp; Thickness: 9 1/16"; 3/16"
- Apron amp; Pole Thickness: 3/16"; 1/16"
- Pole Dia.: 1 3/4"
- Decorative Pole Cover Length: 7 1/2"
- Adjustable Black Screw Length: 7 1/16" to 9 3/16"
- Poles Length:
- Upper Pole (Thread Excluded): 38 1/8"
- Bottom Pole: 38 9/16"
- Extension Pole: 4 3/4"; 7 1/16"; 12 5/8"
- Connecting Pole: 7 11/16"
- Vertical amp; Horizontal Weight Capacity: 1102 Lbs, 617 Lbs
- Material: 40Cr Steel
- Net Weight: 24.03 Lbs

Package Contents:

- 1x Upper amp; Bottom Pole
- 3x Extension Poles
- 1x Decorative Pole Cover
- 1x Connecting Pole
- 1x Top amp; Base Plate
- 1x Set of Assemble Tools
- 1x Manual

AW Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Dance Exercise Fitnes

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