$277 QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Surface Mount Loudspeaker- Black - Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Inch,Two-Way,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,$277,4,AD-S4T-BK,QSC,-,07ajans.com,Black,Loudspeaker-,/internetten-onune-cikan-guzellik-salonu-ilani-yuzunu-yakti-493.html,Mount,Surface Nashville-Davidson Mall QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Loudspeaker- Mount - Surface Black Inch,Two-Way,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,$277,4,AD-S4T-BK,QSC,-,07ajans.com,Black,Loudspeaker-,/internetten-onune-cikan-guzellik-salonu-ilani-yuzunu-yakti-493.html,Mount,Surface $277 QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Surface Mount Loudspeaker- Black - Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage Nashville-Davidson Mall QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Loudspeaker- Mount - Surface Black

Nashville-Davidson Mall QSC Max 65% OFF AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Loudspeaker- Mount - Surface Black

QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Surface Mount Loudspeaker- Black -


QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Surface Mount Loudspeaker- Black -

Product description

AcousticDesign surface loudspeakers offer a variety of models specifically taylored for demands of higher fidelity applications. Designed for clarity and presense, these loudspeaker systems deliver pristine audio reproduction for installations requiring a refined audio experience. Models ship complete with the award winning X-Mount system and weather input cover. Consistent and even conical coverage is achieved through Directivity Matched Transition (DMT), a QSC innovation which matches the directivity patterns of the woofer and the high-frequency waveguide at the crossover point. The result is a coherent transition between transducers and improved off-axis response. AcousticDesign models with (T) suffix feature low-loss, low-saturation transformers with selectable taps, including an 8Ω bypass. To enhance weather resistance, the rotary selector is located on the back of the enclosure, protected by a weather grommet.

QSC AD-S4T-BK Two-Way 4 Inch Surface Mount Loudspeaker- Black -

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