/otelde-yangin-cikti-turistler-itfaiye-merdiveniyle-kurtarildi-4722.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,32",07ajans.com,Barnwood,Row,Pemberly,Rustic,White/Reclaimed,Buffet,Solid,$118,- $118 Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - Solid White/Reclaimed Barnwood Home Kitchen Furniture /otelde-yangin-cikti-turistler-itfaiye-merdiveniyle-kurtarildi-4722.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,32",07ajans.com,Barnwood,Row,Pemberly,Rustic,White/Reclaimed,Buffet,Solid,$118,- Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - White Reclaimed Year-end gift Solid Barnwood $118 Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - Solid White/Reclaimed Barnwood Home Kitchen Furniture Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - White Reclaimed Year-end gift Solid Barnwood

Pemberly Row 32

Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - Solid White/Reclaimed Barnwood


Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - Solid White/Reclaimed Barnwood

Product description

Color:Reclaimed Barnwood

With a barn inspired cabinet door front, this 32-inch buffet exudes a charming, country appearance for your home. Combining a rustic, modern farmhouse and traditional appeal for an overall stylish addition to your space. The sliding door closes off either side of the storage cabinet to incorporate both open and closed storage space. Position in your entryway as an entryway table, bedroom as a storage cabinet, living room as a TV stand, or kitchen as a buffet for anything from media to décor. Made with a wood grain aesthetic of high-grade MDF and durable laminate with metal accents. Can support up to a 34-inch TV.

Features :

Featuring a rustic, modern, and traditional farmhouse design style for a charming addition to your home
With a high-grade MDF, durable laminate, and metal construction
Including adjustable shelving, open and closed storage, and exposed hardware
With a sliding door featuring an inspired barn door front
As accent storage to your entryway, buffet in your kitchen, bar storage in your dining, or a TV stand in your living room
Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions.

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : 32" H x 32" W x 16" D
Product Weight : 50lbs.

Pemberly Row 32" Rustic Buffet - Solid White/Reclaimed Barnwood

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