$25 Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen/Twin/King Grey Quilting Indian Handmade Home Kitchen Bedding /matso-baskani-gungor-surdurulebilir-bir-manavgat-ekonomisi-icin-calisacagiz-4307.html,Queen/Twin/King,Sambhav,Quilting,07ajans.com,$25,Grey,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Hub,Indian,Handmade,Quilt Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen Twin Quilting Indian King Fixed price for sale Grey Handmade $25 Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen/Twin/King Grey Quilting Indian Handmade Home Kitchen Bedding /matso-baskani-gungor-surdurulebilir-bir-manavgat-ekonomisi-icin-calisacagiz-4307.html,Queen/Twin/King,Sambhav,Quilting,07ajans.com,$25,Grey,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Hub,Indian,Handmade,Quilt Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen Twin Quilting Indian King Fixed price for sale Grey Handmade

Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen Twin Quilting Sale special price Indian King Fixed price for sale Grey Handmade

Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen/Twin/King Grey Quilting Indian Handmade


Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen/Twin/King Grey Quilting Indian Handmade

Product description

Size:60X90 inch

Made with 100% cotton and natural vegetable colors. This piece is of art is completely hand stitched by Women artisan in Rajasthan, India. It can make any room alive with its vivid colors, stunning Paisley print and embroidery, made using traditional and famous kantha hand embroidery method. Made from two thin layer of cotton fabric make this piece of art irresistible and also very comfortable. Adding to it's style, this kantha quilt is reversible and both sides can be used. Kantha is still the most popular form of embroidery practiced by rural women.typically use old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitch to make a light blanket, throw or bedspread. These cotton lightweight "Quilts" with a beautiful and colorful Paisley design can be used as 1. Bedspread , Bedding Throw , Blanket Or Quilt 2. A Summer Bed Cover 3. A Throw 4. A Fabulous Picnic Rug 5. Nice Bedroom Quilt , This can fit to a 90 x 108/60*90/108X108 inch's wide King/Twin size bed as blanket or throw or can easily fit as bedspread / bed cover to King/Twin bed .Size Twin (60X90), Queen Size (90X108 inch), King Size (108X108) inch

Sambhav Quilt Hub Queen/Twin/King Grey Quilting Indian Handmade

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