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unisex Hokema Kalimbas 111001 ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Kalimba Twin

Hokema Kalimbas 111001 Hokema Twin Kalimba


Hokema Kalimbas 111001 Hokema Twin Kalimba

Product description

The twin is 30cm (12‘‘) long and is fitted with two identically-tuned sets of tines so the instrument can be played by either one or two persons. Playing solo hold the twin in both hands so that each thumb can reach one of the sets of tines. The thumbs can now play the nine tones on both sides of the instrument. A full sound, rich in overtones, is created due to the identical tuning of both sets of tines: Each tone has its twin on the other side which then resonates when its ‘brother’ is plucked. By plucking alternately with both thumbs, quite other tone sequences can be produced than on a single kalimba with the same tuning. The advanced kalimba player can play a wide range of other scales simply by retuning individual tones.

Hokema Kalimbas 111001 Hokema Twin Kalimba

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