Wood-Wrapped,for,Wooden,Hip,M,Stainless,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/komsu-kadinlardan-kadin-ogretmene-site-bahcesinde-dayak-4133.html,Steel,Personalized,Flask,$23,07ajans.com Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask Direct stock discount for M Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask Direct stock discount for M $23 Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask for M Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $23 Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask for M Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Wood-Wrapped,for,Wooden,Hip,M,Stainless,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/komsu-kadinlardan-kadin-ogretmene-site-bahcesinde-dayak-4133.html,Steel,Personalized,Flask,$23,07ajans.com

Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask Direct stock discount for M Shipping included

Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask for M


Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask for M

Product description

Size:6pc Set+Wood Box


We believe in making great products. That's why we have our flasks manufactured exclusively for our company with extra thick 5mil, premium 18/8 grade #304 stainless steel. This makes a flask that is both highly durable amp; resists denting as well as rust/corrosion.

Most flasks sold online (especially low cost flasks) are made from 4mil steel, which is thinner and more susceptible to denting. They are also usually made from grade #201 stainless steel, which is less costly but also has been shown to rust within a year. #304 grade steel has 20-30 times more corrosion resistance than #201 steel - our flasks are true stainless steel and do not rust even under heavy use!


  • Our flasks are engraved with extreme precision by our state-of-the-art laser, resulting imprint is amazingly crisp and very durable - perfect for frequent use!
  • Our commitment to quality is so sincere - you will love it or we will take it back - guaranteed!
  • Flasks hold 6 fluid ounces - Made from 18/8 professional kitchen stainless steel - Will not retain flavors - BPA FREE.
  • Engraving is forever! The engraving is permanent, and made by a laser (awesome) so it will never rub off, fade, or peel. We can engrave any text - so let your imagination soar!
  • Need it fast? FAST crafting and shipping, from right here in California!

Wood-Wrapped Stainless Steel Personalized Wooden Hip Flask for M

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