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Piercing Pliers Openning Tools Needles To Tool Max 84% NEW before selling ☆ OFF Body Kit

Piercing Pliers Openning Tools Needles Tool Kit Body Piercing To


Piercing Pliers Openning Tools Needles Tool Kit Body Piercing To

Product description

1. Made of quality material, durable and sturdy, having long service time.
2. Manual polished surface, the texture of high smoothness and comfortable feeling.
3. Come with rich accessories, which can meet your different body piercing need.
4. High temperatre resistant, can be cleaned with high temperature, not easy to deform.
5. Great choice for self use or professional use, suitable for nose, navel, ear, etc.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Body Piercing Tool
Material: Stainless Steel
Application: Human

Package List:
1 x Opened Pliers
1 x Pliers
1 x Rriangular Pliers
1 x Round Pliers
1 x Needle Pliers
2 x Ear Stud
12 x Piercing Needle
1 Bag of Piercing Jewelry

The production batch may vary slightly between the pliers and piercing accessories.

Piercing Pliers Openning Tools Needles Tool Kit Body Piercing To

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