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Spasm price Outre Perfect Hair Line Synthetic 13x4 Scalp Lace Wig Front Faux Superlatite

Outre Perfect Hair Line Synthetic 13x4 Faux Scalp Lace Front Wig


Outre Perfect Hair Line Synthetic 13x4 Faux Scalp Lace Front Wig

Product description


Outre HD Lace Front Wig Perfect Hairline Fully Hand-Tied 13X4 Lace Wig Ella


It’s a skin0toned, soft lace lining that makes the spaces between the lines of the HD lace appear smaller for an even more realistic scalp appearance.


Say goodbye to lace grid lines, and get the realest look with Faux scalp.

This Perfect Hairline 13”X4” HD Lace frontal wig features a skin-toned, soft lining for less visible lace, and a smooth bade that is easy to tint and conceal.

Achieve a hair line and scalp that is pure perfection with this unit that offers it all.

  • Real /scalp Illusion
  • Reduced Lace Grid Lines
  • Fully Hand-Tied 13”X4” Frontal
  • Ear-to-ear soft HD Transparent Lace
  • Pre-Plucked Hairline with Natural Body Hair
  • Comes with Pre-Attached Elastic Band
  • Heat-Styling friendly
  • Outre Perfect Hair Line Synthetic 13x4 Faux Scalp Lace Front Wig

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